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Los potenciadores son los paquetes de 5 cartas que puedes comprar en la tienda. (bronce plata y oro)
Despues de completar una pagina de historia, he obtenido un paquete de plata. (con una carta violeta en el)
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Always take a screenshot of your problem. 

Untargetable can disappear with "silence".
And an untargetable creature can take damage from the spells that impact the whole board. (they are not directly targeted)
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It has already been reported.
Each time a creature dies on a seed and a new one appear (like the wabbit, xelor's mummies), the second creature also takes 1 damage.

It seems it is like this because "apparition" events happen before everything else.
The second creature appears before the seed disappear. 

Is it a bug or not? We don't have any answer yet