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Honey Yogurt Sadida Lvl 165 Nox
Ippytax Enutrof Lvl 141 Nox
Ippyhippy Eniripsa Lvl 140 Nox
Ippybooze Pandawa Lvl 128 Nox
Ippy Rogue Lvl 6 Nox

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By sydkik - 2013-12-08 18:13:07 in Trade
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LF 2 Maka wands and 2 makawis rings. Leave name here or pm me in game!

-Ippy, Hipster
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Hello guys I haven't played in awhile but I remember being able to place any costume on my dummies. I loved this because i'm a big costume collector! Anyway, I can't place Non-exchangeable items on my dummies anymore? Is this a bug or did they change it? It's rather annoying having so many of my costumes just wasting space in my inventory when i'd rather display them in my collection. It kind of defeats the purpose.
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Be warned.