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I'm a former Dofus player. I was active in the years 2008-2015 and have no plans to return anytime soon.
I was mainly active in the PVP's going on and have been fortunate enough to represent my server (Dark Vlad) three times in the Goultarminator tournament before.

When I became dissatisfied with the direction Ankama was going with PVP I decided to play on the beta and PVP there against tough opponents.
Videos of this can be seen here for those interested:

A video of possibly my greatest achievement can be viewed here:

I've also achieved a great number of things in PVE, but it definitely wasn't my main focus at the time. My favourite characters were by far, in no particular order, the Sram, Foggernaut and Sadida. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing this game, and have been considering a return if the devs lead this game in a way which suits the community better. A steam release would also be awesome and tempting smile
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By superbroer - 2015-09-06 14:46:34 in Problems and solutions
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those Shigekax (sweets that boost certain stats)do not work during prism/kolo fights is this a bug or have I missed something ?
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Currently, when in pvp's, your resistance gained from equipping a shield isn't shown when hovering over a character. So for instance, you could have 30% fire resistance gained from your set and equip a shield which gives 12% fire resistance but it'll only show up as 30%, so why not have it appear as 42% resistance?

I know it's not the most necessary change at this point ( new dimensions, inter server koli and what not) but I'd like to know the exact resistance an enemy has as they could completely...
By superbroer - 2015-02-19 19:55:20 in Fan Art and Videos
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So basically as i've been quite bored recently on the official servers, I decided to pop up on the Beta, step up my game, and just in general PvP against others so whoever is interested can watch

I will probably upload once a week or maybe once every 2 weeks, depending on real life situations. So without further ado, if you want to watch and perhaps subscribe:
Click here