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By superbestofwar - 2019-05-23 04:48:55 in Suggestion Box
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When I first saw the update for infinite dreams I believed that you had a grand vision of eventual expansion. I believed you would find a seamless way to fix the leeching issue with an endless pve strategy mode that gives scaling xp the higher you went. My suggestion is that the mobs in infinite dreams are adjusted for low lvl content like an infinite dungeon system that makes it possible for a group of lower levels to get to 200. I also would think the reward system should be similar to the kolo...
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Prisms have become a fun new way for not only players of dofus to enjoy a strategy filled pvp battle but also a new way for casual players to get around easily with the new teleport system. but with this new advancement comes several problems, one which has been visited multiple times, is the modules system. This system allows for anyone to put in a new module, and only allows people with the rights to access modules, the ability to alter what was placed. This seems good in theory, but in practicality...
By superbestofwar - 2017-04-15 08:16:42 in Feca
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Just curious but why are there global recasts on glyphs? Especially on glyphs such as the agility one, I understand its to prevent glyph stacking but I don't remember that being a significant problem. Currently though if 2 Fecas are on the same team, one using the other's respective elemental glyph can significantly reduce damage output