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Hey guys, elements item database is updated for 1.39. Markets are not and honestly probably wont be soon. I simply don't have enough hours in the day right now.

Hopefully in march my schedule, and the schedule of another will open up, and I'll be able to finish the site re-write. In the mean time, i've been contacted by several folks in the community and it appears a few different folks are building sites as well. Very exciting times.


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By stryve - 2014-09-11 03:56:51 in General Discussions
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They are back..finally.
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Many thanks to Owlite for helping me get an account figured out.

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As I'm sure you all know 1.36 is bringing many changes. More than I can react to in this short period of time. Markets should be fine, however the set builder is going to need serious attention. I'm working on making small modifications so that it is useable in the short term. However I had already begun work on it before this patch, in preparation so I hope to have an update for you quickly.

*Also due to no longer being able to access Dathura, I'll be removing it from the server list until I can...