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The guild Legionair recently posted a 'constitution' for our server. This isn't a constitution but a warning. They are threating all players and all guilds other than members of their guild. They say no one shall be allowed over level 120 and also that no guild shall go over level 20. On top of that they have the arogance to say that certain areas and dungeons are also restricted. On top of this they threaten any one who defends themselves agains them. This so called 'Constitution' is nothing...
By stealthsummon - 2008-12-02 20:30:39 in Meetings
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If any one from the Ankama creation team comes up here you should let me know I can tell ya where all the good meeting places are and also spread the word to the Dofus players up here. And any people who play Dofus here in town just let me know you play here that way I can add you to the mail list and what not.