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By stayxcold - 2016-01-25 08:20:34 in Pandawa
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Welp i got a 199 int panda atm with healing bow pretty amazing on its own i was thinking to add a hard dmger like real hard my panda can dmg but not like the dmger classes
I guess iop would be the best what else
(I plan to use my 200 eni and enu) in the future
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Lets leave the bad sides away for a bit this post was posted alot i know i made one my self 2 years ago
But its always fun for me to hear peoples nostalgic moments in the game we all had our ups and downs how about you give a few? Heck won' kill us to remember abit!
This by no means a hate post on the new updates on the game or place to debate about bringing stuff back or whats bad in the game just nostalgic goodies have fun

Exprinces in life are best kept as memories unforgotten
Forever floating...
By stayxcold - 2016-01-21 06:26:40 in Off Topic Discussion
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I wanted to write this for a year or even more but ehh
Just collected the nerves to take in the incoming bash
Did you notice how its literaly like gunnerwolfgang and the regulars post the most? Philistine,mishna all the same forum replayers you can see each post this has been my ooinion and some friends for awhile

Every post you folks come in a post using a high level English bashing peoples thoughts being anti everything people post "this post is useless delete it" this is a forum and a general...