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So im planning on transfering my lvl 189 eca to an existing account. My concern is however that im going to re some achievements on my eca once is transferred since i will need the drops to craft set pieces and obtain dofuses. Will i be able to gain the rewards for achievements on my alt once is transferred, even if on its original account, I had already done them with a different character? (different character but on the same account). i have done crimson, ivory, ice dofus and many dung achievements...
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Does anyone knows the sets they were using? I'm specially curious to know about the set OOO used in the first fight for the masq with necrotic bow. It was OP

I meant OOC**
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So I switched to masq from a cha panda (stress/int) with crit% and cri DMG. As I play I notice that I don't really use the int spells specially because in CC, inferno is 4 AP and for that, I could use fries and have a little more range. So I guess my question is, is it worth it being str/int? Or should I just go pure str? ID get more crit and crit DMG as pure str and more DMG on furia and weapon. What would be the advantages of being str/int?

Also, I came from Cha panda which was perfect for PVM....