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Kedelu Osamodas Lvl 219 Rubilax
Comeshot Rogue Lvl 203 Rubilax
Chame Masqueraider Lvl 201 Rubilax
Jared Kushner Enutrof Lvl 201 Rubilax
Brainwash Xelor Lvl 187 Rubilax
Carl Higbie Pandawa Lvl 187 Rubilax
Stephen Miller Sadida Lvl 187 Rubilax
Scott Pruitt Sacrier Lvl 186 Rubilax
Félix Graham De Vanily Ecaflip Lvl 131 Rubilax
Simping Eniripsa Lvl 131 Rubilax
Lock Him Up Feca Lvl 129 Rubilax
Brett Kavanaugh Sram Lvl 129 Rubilax
Michael Flynn Iop Lvl 129 Rubilax
Rob Porter Cra Lvl 103 Rubilax
Michael Caputo Eliotrope Lvl 103 Rubilax

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By stang401 - 2015-07-27 11:39:15 in General Discussions
20 2624
I saw that in Dofus you could not use public chat if you were lower than a certain level. It would be a great idea if wakfu implemented this system. So that anyone level 5 or lower cannot chat at Alamanx temple.
3 1297
Do the +3 levels on a certain element spell work on Sidekicks, specifically the dual elements?