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I think krosmaga needs to remove the fact that we can see our friend’s hand. It doesn’t feel right cause that might lead to cheating..
By stang401 - 2018-02-14 23:08:41 in Game balance and improvement
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I find it a bit upsetting how there's literally no counter to the seed+maddoll+ inflict 2 damage on each dofus strategy.

It just seems too cheap, especially with the sadida card that returns all minions on the field.

The reserve should only hold up to 5 seeds in my opinion...

Or change the card so that it says, sacrifice all dolls to inflict damage on ONE dofus instead of all. 
By stang401 - 2017-11-13 00:17:34 in Bugs and troubles on computer
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My opponent took control of my eni summon and also az. He used Pyskosis flask twice.  After that my eni summon which suppose to have 3 attack due to az +2 ability, only has 1 attack. 

It seems that az ability still works but it is negated only for that eni summon.