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Buying ancestral set , perhaps with some lame stats, comment offers or add and PM spiha(Dramcryx - This is the character name) ingame.
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So, here is what happens. I try to buy a starter pack with a paysafe card I just bought for 100HRK ( Croatian valute , approx 12.48 euro). But then this error comes up, for the sake of you understanding, I put my country on United Kingdom. I sent a ticket to the support. Anyone got an Idea why this is happening?
FYI: I'm not sure if this is in the right thread, new to the forum, in case I failed the topic, please move it to the correct spot. Sorry for that if I made a mistake.
Edit: I checked, the...
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Hello guys once more,
I'm currently level 139 chance Enutrof but I'm a bit confused.

I would like an advice on what equipment should I use on my current level and what would be the next set/custom set which would be good for me.

I would like 11 ap, at least 4mp, 200+ wisdom and as much chance I can get.

I can spend max 10mk, maybe less.

Thank you,