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Spax Xelor Lvl 176 Dathura
Eliospas Eliotrope Lvl 176 Dathura
Hupperspas Huppermage Lvl 176 Dathura
Speni Eniripsa Lvl 153 Dathura
Spas Rogue Lvl 123 Aerafal
Kitok Cra Lvl 105 Aerafal
Skulltoc Sram Lvl 77 Aerafal
Osatok Osamodas Lvl 76 Aerafal
Sadispas Sadida Lvl 57 Dathura
Xpas Xelor Lvl 50 Aerafal

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By spasXV - 2015-02-05 09:38:38 in Fan Sites
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Hi guys !

On october 2014 I launched a new website : Click here

The website was developped for the french community and every contribution have to be made in french. But, the website is now translatable on the fly ! The translations are probably not right, but they should allow you to access the main features :
Advanced search Some public builds for beginners or advanced players The builder (example : here ) The marketplace The crafterplaceIf the website attract enough people, I may think about...
By spasXV - 2013-08-07 15:14:58 in General Discussions
31 6117
Hi everyone,

I would need some tips about this dungeon. Last time I tried it, we get crushed by the boss. We tried to kill all the skulls before killing Missiz frizz, but we only get 4-5 of them...

Killing them "twice" is a pretty heavy AP price, and we had no real strategy... Seems we were really lacking of damages, but anyway, is there a trick to handle this room "easily" ?

Picking a sacrier with a huge amount of lock ? Blocks her using pandawa's tricks ?

Other point, under 3000hp, we have...