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so i bought around 3k ogrines and then decided to put 600 up on the kama exchange so i would still have enough to buy a mimisymbic when i choose to, now i had my email window open the whole time and i was just spectating my friend i got the email saying my offer sold but a while after i got another one saying i had bought something worth 70ogr at the shop which i obviously did not because i had been spectating and chatting my friend the entire time i dont really know what was bought either because...
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okay so far I've found 2 bugs as of today the first one while spectating my guildmates in Tal Kasha they killed 2 monsters on the same glyph and caused it to bug out, when the monster dies the glyph is there but when they revive it is gone, we thought it was a visual bug so we got tal kasha to stand on it and nothing triggered so basically the glyph just kinda disappeared and the fight became unsolvable as there was no glyphs for tal kasha to stand on that would remove her invulnerability, the other...
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So I was f2p around 2 days ago since my sub ended around November 25 when i logged in so i resubbed for 1 week and payed for it via boku and logged in again and voila p2p for 1 week then i log in today and says im f2p so i dont even understand whats going on. I've already sent a ticket but i would like to know why this happened this is already the 2nd time its happened to me