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By spaderocksspade - 2014-08-05 09:13:49 in Suggestion Box
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Right off let's jump in. I hate stars, it doesn't feel like a bonus, it feels like a requirement. First off in Vulkania with this bonus EXP I feel like I can kill any mob and be rewarded with excellent experience, but if I go to brockhards it's 15 minutes of me hunting some 10 star mob. In frigost 3 this is slightly different as they are everywhere until you clear the area. Once you've cleared an area, you might as well stay away for 2-3 days because stars won't be there any longer. This feels more...
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Punishment for taking a mob higher than you? This is a fight that will most likely take longer, and be more difficult. Overcapping makes sense, if you're higher than a mob an EXP penalty sure thing but undercapping does not. I think it is just nonsense to pick up a leecher just to fill a cap. The punishment for taking on a greater challenge should at least be 0 instead of in some cases -200 based on levels.

Also speaking of leeching, Dofus is a stunning game with the best base game idea I've seen,...
By spaderocksspade - 2013-11-26 09:26:03 in Eniripsa
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The eni needs more range, a base range of two with forbidden? That is just super... Granted the feca has a short range with the shields etc, the 1-8 with Natural attack just makes it a better choice for these more difficult dungeons. I'm not saying the eni should have cra abilities, but for 3 AP and decent damage it should certainly be a higher base than two. Even four... You can also compare the enis heals to the feca, but honestly that teleport makes for some pretty decent shields on the go, along...