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By soultater - 2014-12-24 10:57:11 in General Discussion
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hello i have noticed that my character will 10 times the contribution as other people to their guilds. for example if my friend and i end a fight they will give 30,000 xp points to the guild while i will give 300,000 points. is this a reoccurring problem? i just wanted to help if i could.
By soultater - 2012-03-02 23:48:19 in Suggestion Box
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Hello, i just have a little idea i would like to share. We all work very hard with in our owns guilds. And what guild your in can tell everyone a lot about your self. But i think it would be cool if next to your guild name it says what rank you are in that guild. I believe, that if your the leader of a guild, everyone should be able to see that. Or if your second in command, same story. It would create a sense of noble rank with in the community. And of course no one wants to huge very huge boxes...