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Ouginak Lvl Omega 10 Echo
Enutrof Lvl 60 Echo
Sadida Lvl 48 Echo

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First of, i know that i must screenshot bots and send it to the modders... but it dosent take them long to just log onto the servers, and check the few few few FEW places where you can mine.
It isnt realty that hard, there are 1000+ sadidas and iops roaming the caves of twelve.
IT MAKES ME SO MAD, and i dont want to talk about the 1000 of sac's that are killing dopples i dont care about them!
I want to be able to enter a mine and digg my heart out. and not fight the bots for the few veins that are...
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By solomong - 2012-12-10 11:36:21 in General Discussion
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So, my poor brother was hacked last night, I was loggin in to help him get to level lumberjack. When he is at school.All he had gone, so I've spent the last 2 hours to figure out how I can contact ankma to get help, but found nothing. When my little brother at 13, comes home and find the users broken, he will be crushed.and it would not want that, to see him hurt so what can I do and what should I do?[url=]Preview[/url] 

ho help to get?