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Blazing Eyes Feca Lvl 109 Rubilax
Blazing Fist Masqueraider Lvl 16 Rubilax
Zanin Eliotrope Lvl 13 Rubilax

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The population is so low in nox I think we should be allowed to have a full team of multimen. All the "rich players" in the game with good gear are multi-boxers so let's not kid ourselves that the game isn't P2W already.

My computer can't handle multi-boxing, and even if it could multi-boxing is cumbersome and unpleasant. Let Noxians have a full team of multimen please!
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Just incase some of you were having trouble gearing up your multimen past gobbal/tofu. Treeset is prob the most OP low level set made. It gives good damage, resist, hp, ap, and mp. You can drop the entire set solo too. Cheers.
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Lumino's spells all seem very useful and while his buff spells is annoying to cast because it only last 1 turn (make it 2 WP and make it last 2 turns?) his spells are still pretty great. 3 Heals, 1 revive and one decent ranged damage skill that pushes back...however shadow is different.

Shadow feels weaker. He has no 1 ap spell so his 1 ap buff spell is kinda lack luster. He's known as the AOE multimen but his AOE's are kinda hard to pull off but what's worst about him is his " Choking Shadows spell"....