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By smiskaans - 2023-06-05 15:35:16 in DOFUS Retro
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Hello everyone,
I would like to address a topic that has likely been discussed numerous times before, but I believe it is worth bringing up again.

Those of you who follow Online Gaming on Twitch may have noticed a significant surge in popularity coming from World of Warcraft, particularly its heroic version. It appears that many former players are returning to experience the thrill of instant death once again.

DOFUS, too, had a similar experience with their heroic servers. On version 1.29, Oto-Mustam...
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Anakma, what's happening? Last days there's so many problems.. With loging and in game things.

Last drop was, that i cant see my perc. Well, if u play on Oto-mustam, and u see that sum1 is aggroing it and u cant even try to def it... It's a big loose on that server.

I truly miss 1.29... No problems, non-toxic community, people, ffs, people everywhere.
I really do like Dofus, I love this gameplay, but it seems, that Anakma wants us to leave it...