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By skullsnerz - 2018-10-18 08:56:00 in Suggestion Box
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Can we have the option to remove the mast on the pirate haven bag theme. I feel so ripped off because half the space in the haven bag can't even be seen. Or we can have the sail higher. Let me know what everyone else thinks, we should be able to petition ankama to do something about this.
By skullsnerz - 2017-05-24 17:21:38 in Sacrier
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Did ankama just get tired of sacriers? Did they just want to kill off the class entirely? Sacriers do less damage, have less hp, and deal self damage more than any other class. They are literally the worst class to play right now I rarely even seen a sacrier anymore. Why not nerf Iops? Why take away all the sacriers hp and have self damaging skills. Please take it in to consideration to make it a playable class again.
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I know a lot of people will think I'm an idiot for thinking Dofus will ever go F2p, but i've played this game since 2007, pre 2.0, and I've loved this games but i've been playing off and on for a while mainly due to how few players there are in the game now. Many games have gone F2p from a B2p or P2p model before with some success and I think Dofus would be able to benefit from doing so. I know many people think the game isn't dying, and maybe it isn't, but compared to the gameplay back in the olds...