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Alright I wanted to get this out and see if other players are having trouble with this dungeon. First off it took me 2.5 hrs just to reach tengu/fuji and waaala the map is small. I am just concerned due to I was helping some guildies out and when we reached tengu / fuji we were blown away. Not only is this dungeon extremely hard for 8 players ( havent tried 4 ), But the time involved is just ridicolous. I know i am gonna get some responses about this touchy subject. By the way we were running it...
By siruspool - 2012-03-08 10:05:52 in Enutrof
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Well recently I hit lvl 197 Great moment heh. Anyways my concern here is that the enu seems like a waste of a character, sure they have chest and clumsiness but thats about it. I been rocking a custom set sure its nice 9 ap 5 mp, 650 wis, and around 600 chance, got a 13 turq on so i can get agg daggs to 1/2. My main concern is that compaired to all the other classes besides Xelor enus really have no chance to stand in pvp, or do good pvm dmg compaired to what a eca or sram or cra can put out. Right...