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Ecaflip Lvl Omega 65 Echo
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servers are up again, I am currently logged on to dofus.

Lets play again guys  
By sioniaskingofsoddomy - 2016-01-12 11:52:29 in Huppermage
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So I have tried Huppermage on the beta's (and appearantly they have changed a lot during this beta) but I did not like them at all.
It took too much efford and ap to reach any kind of effects.

For example to take away 3 dodgeable AP or MP, it costs 3 AP. To push an enemy 2 cells away, it costs 6 AP, ... And so on... And this is the least amount of AP consumed for it.

Are they really worth it to create (once they come out, they're not worth the 11€ at all, if you ask me) or am I not seeing...
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I am stuck on bonta 73: strange witnesses.

I have succesfully done everything untill now, but at this point I have to talk to Robin Gaywould for the second time (after giving the paper to Ture Inge) but he does not allow me to talk to him. he gives me 3 options, all leading to an unresolved conversation at the end.

Does anyone know what I am missing? I have tried ots of things already: wearing a young wild boar, having one in my pocket, standing far, standing close, .... nothing works..