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Ecaflip Lvl Omega 53 Echo

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By sinflor - 2017-05-09 05:32:22 in Ecaflip
1 1195
have you felt the shift in amakna? the dark and scary feeling like something beautiful is being snuffed out by the need for 1 hit k.o. strength cat monsters? like your ability to bluff your way through battle simply doesn't cut it anymore?

i'm not a writer... i don't know why i tried to open with that. i just want a place to positively vent my frustration with agi/cha ecas.

i feel completely overwhelmed and outclassed by my strength counterparts. its gotten to the point where as an agi/cha eca...
By sinflor - 2017-04-15 07:07:47 in Problems and solutions
1 488
stars haven't been showing up on mobs all day, and i just fought a mob that showed it had 6 stars before the fight, then at the end it gave the exp for a no star mob. is this happening for anyone else?