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By simomate - 2011-04-05 01:40:07 in Role Play
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-OOC: No need to submit a bio or anything. This is just a casual RP. Your character will have the same name as your nickname. Your class will be the same as your avatar. My character is from the Dofus era, and has leapt through time to the Wakfu era. To join, just introduce your character through DIALOGUE not a Bio. So its your character introducing himself. And he doesn't have to introduce himself first post, he could wait til someone asks who he is. Its up to you really.-


*Scrambles out...
By simomate - 2010-09-05 00:00:00 in Role Play
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Brock Coldstone... what could describe him? From first glance he was the perfect candidate to join Area 32. From second glance, he was packed with flaws. The way he carried weapons struck a beam of curiosity in Stelvous, the Iop-Master of Area 32. He seemed to carry the gun... out of place. Yet every time he fired the target, it was a perfect hit. Stelvous had a tough decision to make. Should he accept him?
"Okay, kid." He growled...