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Based around the Castle Amakna, home of the noble king Alister. His kingdom prospered for many years, many generations. But a new age dawns upon the kingdom. The Dofi once were a mere myth. The wisemen who discovered in Bolgrot, did their best to conceal this myth. Until somehow, a mysterious xelor who seemed to come out of no where, proved they existed. Perhaps, in all honesty, there really was no proof. But somehow, he made them believe. Now, adventurers from all over the...
By simomate - 2011-04-04 00:22:46 in Suggestion Box
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So my friend, who used to post regularly here, doesn't post anymore. She wants to post but she cant get on the PC enough. She used to post in the RP forums using her iPod, but strangely after the new update she cant post here anymore.

She described it like this

"I can open up a new reply, stick a smiley face in and type a 150-character "reason for editing in but thats about it."

Ankama could you please fix it?