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Blue Hokeye Cra Lvl 126 Remington
Zapwarrior Masqueraider Lvl 102 Nox
Light Gurdien Huppermage Lvl 91 Nox
Blue Rift Xelor Lvl 75 Remington
Nanu Blue Pandawa Lvl 74 Remington
Darkerrage Sacrier Lvl 48 Nox
Blue Blast Huppermage Lvl 48 Remington
Earth Maker Sadida Lvl 16 Nox
Cardholder Ecaflip Lvl 8 Nox

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I'm level 120 cra and I would really like to join this guild 
my cra's name is game is Blue Hokeye 
this guild looks very nice so if you are still recruiting it will be great
(if I'm not online I will may be on my masq named Hidra Blue)


hi, I didn't know that I need to do that so here it is:

1. Your character name - Blue Hokeye
2. Level & Class - level 120 cra
3. How many hours do you play a day/week? (Give estimate)
everyday more then 4 hours a day
4. What time zone are you...
1 66
for me then are not even leveling