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Hey all, I want to make a new char which is focused only on damage output and screw defenses Anyway, im just not sure which class I should pick, I like playing unique characters like agi/int iop for example thus i wont make a character like int cra. Oh, and I dont have a my own team so it's for solo purposes.
By sikto - 2016-08-01 12:26:37 in Iop
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So, I haven't logged in for quite a long time and I see my iop got a complete reset with most of the spells too... I am lvl 180 agi/int and as always im not sure how to spend points do I just put all of them into vit or what?
By sikto - 2015-09-23 20:04:36 in Professions
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I find it really stupid and discouraging that there is only about to 10 or even less icefish/tench in frigost as its so tedious to farm and why the hell there are 1level fish in frigost like grawn or even crabs?? remove those and put some quality fish instead plx