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Ive played dofus looong time before 2.0 came out. After i played 2.0 till now and then again 1.29 (retro) and then again 2.0 and what can i say  is... you've made completely different game from what it was. Its not too bad and its not good either. 
Dofus 2.0 is too full with suff... like too much, you guys have overdone it   Its interesting in its ways, ok, but it also has minuses and compared to 1.29 is tottaly different. Meanwhile, i see you updating things in future by now merging characters...
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There is all classes and then there is sram. In this level, ~100-150 this class is too strong for others in kolo, like it can easily deal damages over 1k eaven in first round and there is no escape in small maps so the game is already lost if enemy sram starts 1st round. You should check this out and do something about it, it takes away all the fun. There is no other classes who can do the same so i call it unbalance! 
By sidewayup - 2017-08-31 11:09:47 in Suggestion Box
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INTRO: Hello.
This is pretty common problem in kolo now and i got an suggestion for it. 
So every1 knows that most of kolo maps are long distance maps, im pretty sure they are more than small distance maps. As we all know, cra's got very huge advantage in maps like this cause they got pretty big range, but thats not the problem. The problem is that besides long range maps, there are long range maps with no walls where to hide, , and of course cra will have maximum initiative from all the other chars...