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Shyvanilla Eliotrope Lvl 200 Remington
Lulu The Happy Eniripsa Lvl 200 Remington
Goongdi Pangpang Osamodas Lvl 200 Remington
Communist Paradise Sacrier Lvl 200 Remington
Fallen Shyvy Pandawa Lvl 200 Remington
Sexyvanilla Rogue Lvl 200 Remington
Bondage Mistress Xelor Lvl 200 Remington
Dogvahkiin Ouginak Lvl 190 Remington
Shyvanguard Feca Lvl 187 Remington
Perorist Sram Lvl 167 Remington
Shyvadoman Rogue Lvl 120 Remington

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Please give free class changing scroll to foggernaut players.

Not every foggernaut are interested in the new concept of the steamer.
It is needed to give them a free class chaning scroll.

Free class changing scroll should be offered for foggernaut characters made before specific date, and it also should be erased after certain point.

I think it is rational to give them a free class chaning scroll.
It can be the compensation for players who don't feel good with new foggernaut, and prevent them...
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One of my posts was erased from the forum, about 1 year ago.
And the support ticket was considered as 'solved'
with saying

     To further check on this, we will need the following information.

        Name of character affected: Kindly include the class and level
        Bug description:
        - What is the expected result?
       - What happens instead?
       Steps to reproduce the bug: Explain the steps to follow to reproduce the bug.
By shyvanillacra - 2019-10-27 04:23:13 in Suggestions
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The most different point of game community of the past and the present, is the existance of discord. Discord like communication helping messengers have massive effect on alot games. There is no exception for wakfu. However, it was not because of discord service is good, but since wakfu has no world chat system. Let's see how dofus works in this issue. I think dofus communication works alot better than wakfu, even without accounting discord communication. Dofus has really good in-game communication...