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By shumacumlaude - 2015-05-31 03:42:01 in Solar
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Hello people of Solar

It's just me finding someone to play with or can help me to level up. I was once playing this game like in the past, and Dofus e-mailed me a free P2P (lol the irony) ok seriously, I gave it a shot. My old friends said that they quit/merged to Rushu because Solar is dead. Well, I would merge to Rushu...

...if my 5,000 kamas can buy me Ogrines to do that. I logged in my account, and the only thing in here was my Cawwot Dofus (linked to account LOL) and some pieces of wis sets....
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Hi, is there any way i can renew my Secret Q&A ?? This is my certified acc (lol) i dont wanna make another one cause it wont link into Solar but in Ogivol which is the population is 50 below (omg) i really forgot because im just going crazy in these things like i dont take this answer seriously but when i deleted my character ( to make another pvp char ) it wont get deleted !! Why ?!?! cause i freaking forgot the answer !! OMG i cant find my answer on my email ( btw the email of this acc is my...