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I am unable to open the selling/buying screens at the sellrooms. When I click on sell/buy I hear the sound that signifies that I am in the screen but nothing happens. I can still trade with others and use the bank.

It is happening on both of my accounts. Only one of my accounts has an alignment (and no dishonor points) so I know this is not the problem.

Any suggestions??
7 2003
I am a lvl 147 Int Feca and am starting to look at new gear options. I am strictly pvm and usually fight in small groups (4 or less)


I am currently using a maged Palm Cane. But I came across the Shaman Pingwin Staff on the wiki.
Has anyone tried this staff? I haven't seen one at the carver merchant but I am assuming they are pricey?
Or should I just stick with Palm until 151 and get a Minotot Sceptre?

Existing Set vs Custom Sets[u]

I am wearing the Ceremonial set minus the hat which...