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Decided to come back and try it out. Tried to purchase some ogrines and was going to purchase a subscription, I guess Dofus doesn't want returning players.

Can't even buy anything because they have somehow "detected multiple purchases" or some garbage like that. Which would be my first actual purchase for this game since 2007. Fun.

Get your crap together Dofus team. It's been 10 years, it doesn't look like it's changed at all in terms of support and in terms of your website still being crappy....
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The very very very last time I played this game was probably sometime back in...2008 or 2009. Back when it wasn't so dead and stuff. I don't know why but I do want to come back and play again. So here's the thing, I have a level...124 Iop, I think it's level 124 I have no clue but that's besides the point - I noticed that we can now switch our classes with "ogrines" (also new to me.)

I want to switch to a Osa because summoning things is great fun or a Sram because I always thought they were pretty...