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By seviali - 2020-03-25 06:34:36 in Suggestion Box
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Hello everyone just want to throw out some suggestion that I think will make things easier.

- Having an option to press 'Enter' to automatically pop up the chat to speak instead of having to click on the chat each time

- When typing /g or /p or /r etc to speak in your guild etc, it would be better if the next time you press enter like mentioned above ^ the chat is automatically set to whatever chat you spoke in last. So if I typed /g and spoke in the guild chat, the next time I open the chat again...
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Hi there, 

I do not often post however, I am creating this topic because I feel like it is very much needed for the economy, the players and the makers of this game.

- It would be very helpful to allow players to see exactly where other members of their group are on the map automatically instead of having to manually search for them. So maybe have an option where when you open the map and click on one of your group members names, it automatically moves to the members location.

- Another one is...
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how long does maintenance every Tuesday usually go for?