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Member since 2018-11-04


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Gadreel-Nephilim Iop Lvl 119 Remington
Naolin Huppermage Lvl 85 Remington

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Hello, I have seen in encyclopedia and in kelba market that it does exist for those level, i know of the dungeon in amakna but that its level 150+, where i can get the pieces of that armor in that level (60-70) and no, they are not old items (some they are but other no)

Thanks for the help
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I am trying to understand the system, so far I do not find any benefit of becoming a citizen, because of the way governors manage the politics. I like to play the quests and do PvE so in order to do that I need to move freely around other nations. Right now I do not have a nation, so again my question, is it worth it?
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does anyone know if this sets are still available and how or where you get them?

Thanks for any help