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Gadreel-Nephilim Iop Lvl 133 Remington
Naolin Huppermage Lvl 121 Remington
Achelois Ecaflip Lvl 83 Remington

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I am looking for any pet that has healing but in particular those 2. 

In game name Naolin or Gadreel
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We are a small group really old of friends, very old, you can call us "vintage" that we enjoy this game a lot. We want to grow and achieve the end game, right now we do not have a Haven World but we will size one as soon as its available. Our goal its to enjoy the game. If you dont mind hanging around old guys but committed and even sometimes funny we are your guild.

Somos un pequeño grupo de muy viejos amigos, viejos es la palabra clave. Nos gusta mucho el juego, Queremos crecer y terminarlo;...
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does anyone know how you get those tokens? There is a mchine in the basement of astrub inn but i do not know how to get the tokens,