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Stuart Sacrier Lvl 104 Nox
Canby Feca Lvl 100 Remington
Boosdas Canby Pandawa Lvl 100 Remington
Ajedas Canby Enutrof Lvl 100 Remington
Canby Feca Lvl 75 Nox
Matilda Bea Enutrof Lvl 75 Nox
Emma Bea Pandawa Lvl 75 Nox
Matilda Enutrof Lvl 63 Nox
Gear Mule Foggernaut Lvl 6 Remington
Current Mule Xelor Lvl 6 Remington

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I have Makabrisdoms on Nox for Kamas on Remington

IGN: Canby on Remington
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I have Makabrisdoms on Nox to trade for Kamas on Remington

IGN Canby on Remington
3 259
Hello everyone, I haven't played since 2013 and have a few questions.

1. Is prospecting capped?
2. Is there an up to date set builder or equipment database? RIP Wakfu Elements
3. What's up with the chests appearing in combat?