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Out of the crunch phase but still in the young server phase. The highest player I have personally seen was a 138, the average level is somewhere around the 50 mark across players. low-level gear is dirt cheap, gear over lvl 80 is ungodly expensive. No proper pet market stock and since there are some issues in place regarding prep for the server merging with another one it is not currently possible to own property (Guild house, Guild Paddock) so there are no proper breeding programs in the works till...
8 833
Tried to contact in-game and via discord. Looks like my timezone (GMT+10) doesn't match any of yours?
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So you want to be a ratting sadi?

Good, Welcome! we need more help getting the rest of these useless lugs off their asses and lining our pockets as they level with no effort.

Designing a rat-viable set requires 3 things:

8AP - Requires a lot of compromises below lvl 60, will touch on that later.

480 Initiative - Without this, Major arachnees and lvl 54 rats will outspeed you and highly increase your chances of dying to a large pack.

AT LEAST +28 damage (35+ preferred).

Notable Gear: