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hey guys.

I have made a 3 man team (for pvm and possibly kolo) recently and goal is to take them (non leeched) to 120 where i can re-do the team, I have a 120 enu, panda and cra, reseted and waiting.

so far my chars by lvl 60 will be:

Int Iop - xelor amu, gelano ap/mp, blop ring, dark dora, dazzling cape, springy boots, turtle belt, ancestral daggers, wis dofus, em/plum mount.

ap - 9
mp - 5
range - +3
int - 160
wis - 100
dmg - 13
power - 15%
crit - 3
ini - 100
vit - 180

sadida str ( int/heal...
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hey guy ive been dabbling around for party of 3 to take from scratch...

first i tryed iop, sram, eni & iop sram masq. was ok but i got the impression the gameplay was a bit too straightforward...

then i tryed out a duo xel/sadi and I loved it! so many possibilities thanks to xelors map positioning tricks and (reasonable dmg) and sadidas heal/AoE dmg and gameplay.

now I'm going for the iop for 3rd element for his raw dmg.

and my issue now is with builds. I'd like to cover the most elements...