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Velati Iop Lvl 128 Nox
Czeslaw Meyer Foggernaut Lvl 124 Nox
Tenzsen Iop Lvl 75 Nox
Ruushu Eliotrope Lvl 75 Nox
Rougadin Rogue Lvl 75 Nox
Avalon Might Iop Lvl 67 Remington
Sachiko-Shinozaki Sram Lvl 63 Remington
Zaletho Feca Lvl 62 Remington
Jitensha Iop Lvl 59 Remington
Ikou Foggernaut Lvl 55 Remington

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By sachiko-shinozaki - 2016-02-07 05:45:37 in Trade
0 476
Looking to buy the bum sack or more if anyone has one for sale or a spare I'm willing to buy it. I'm a heavy miner making most of my kamas through selling ore 
By sachiko-shinozaki - 2015-03-23 17:02:19 in Trade
3 1509
This bag which is obtainable through the gold rush mine game at trool fair is one heck of a bag to get. Ive been at this bag for a while and no luck so that brought me here. I will pay for this bag or for the help of someone to join in search of it! Pm me in game or reply here. in game name Czeslaw Meyer