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Hour Of Sairo Xelor Lvl 125 Rubilax
Fortune Of Sairo Enutrof Lvl 71 Rubilax
Aegis Of Sairo Feca Lvl 71 Rubilax
Hand Of Sairo Eniripsa Lvl 60 Rubilax
Pint Of Sairo Pandawa Lvl 60 Rubilax

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For me, when I grind for my Seal of Companionship, I just gather seeds/cuttings in the fields, and when I need the harvested stuff, I just plant them in my haven bag. That way, I can harvest them when I want to. Also grinding for your gathering professions is boring, I suggest you multibox, have a second account/character to do other stuffs (like quests, farming for souper-glous, farming for monster materials)

Also while leveling your harvesting professions (through gathering seeds/cuttings), every...
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It would be nice if there's some explanation to this build, but it's nice there's one.

Most of the skill in this build are single target, the only area ones are Outpouring and Evaparation which are both for movement and most of all are for shuffling between Overheating and High Pressure. With that if situation dictates that he needs to have armor, he can easily cast Outpouring and turn his Overheating into High Pressure, which will greatly buff his blockade.

I'm currently running a tank foggernaut...