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By s3rse - 2018-07-27 08:45:43 in General Discussion
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Well following the hottest ccgs why the reward on draft is not a pack from newest expansion or the on before it ??? Hearthstone,  eternal and the most popular ccgs are doing it maybe increase the cost by 30 and reward a pack from necros or get a pack from necros in stage 3 or something like that . Just an idea thought . 
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Dear Ankama Corp 

Hello , i am a ccg and an mmo player many years now .
My gaming history starts with vanilla wow , Hearthstone , MTG (RL), Eternal and many many other games . 
First of all i would like to let you know that krosmaga is one of the most interesting games i met so far . 

Second and that is the main reason i am doing this post is to let you know some of the issues i encountered in krosmaga and probably leave a feedback . 

It is extremely hard for new players that have minimum...