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Activity on the wakfu Forum

By rustandi - 2023-07-14 14:04:05 in Sacrier
8 468
sac is forced to play with 20% HP to get maximum dmg while almost all revamped heroes
can deal massive damage without sacrificing their HP.

my opinion (based on my own point of view, I don't know if other players agree or not).

it's fine for sac to get nerfed if that's the way it should be. but with so many losses
in the sac update this time, to be fair, sac should also be able to play safer like other

"sac should get 100 fury at 49% of their HP. like berserker stat will be active in that...
By rustandi - 2023-04-10 11:51:14 in Cra
9 1062
let's talk about strategy games in general.

isn't it common for cheap spells to be used more often
with low to medium destructive power? and the stronger
the destructive power of a spell will have more CD time
and have more provisions in using spells?

and let's pair it with the wakfu game.

in wakfu, bosses and normal enemies have 4 element resistance.
if the enemy is weak against earth spells, of course the player
will hit the enemy with earth spells continuously.

let's see cra earth branch.
By rustandi - 2022-06-12 01:28:41 in Osamodas
1 1026
is there any build for supp osa.. what passive i need to use or what summon i need to catch for supp oriented? and supp need critical mastery to boost elemental mastery on summon? is animal devotion good for osa supp? coz when u give armor to ur allies its not depend on crit hit so no armor boost from critical or better use summon only to give armor?

any osa player can share their build?