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By rpzz - 2016-12-15 22:07:50 in Suggestion Box
15 1689
Ok, so this is kind of old news. But I suggest adding some new stat to the "new" Inky Veil. Why you ask? Well don't it feel like it should? Since the recipe for it is more costly and time consuming, I feel like the players including myself that went without an Inky Veil are being punished vs those that got prior to that update. I may have to spend days on in, if not a year to get this craft made.

By adding some new stats to the item would make it feel more rewarding to actually motivate crafting...
By rpzz - 2016-11-26 18:38:43 in Solar
6 758
I'm hurting here. I highly doubt we'll ever see the chance of opening the gate to Kralove. Is there a way to make it available outside going in the gate? Like maybe a monster mash!!! That'd be cool xD

But honestly, we need some of those kralove suckers. I feel left out, how am I going to make the new impossible Inky Vial now?

If anyone on Solar has a few (3) of those suckers, I would like to purchase them off of you.
By rpzz - 2013-03-23 05:38:40 in Suggestion Box
3 846
I ask that you do away with the piglets jointed together with lousy pigs. It takes a lot longer to grind mats to craft keys, not just longer but more annoying and time consuming. And no, it isn't due because of their resistance, although it does make agi classes less useful grinding there. My main point I want to address is that there is hardly any great Shepherd mobs like there once was. Sometimes I will have to run across 3-4 maps before I find a mob worth pursuing. I've ran a lot of Dp...