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-Purchased a pack using steam wallet, money is gone but still waiting for my items 8 hours later.
-The "group" menu has disappeared from the side of the screen, and I'm not the only one. Everyone in my group had the same problem but /p chat still worked so we were still in the group.
-When shift clicking or right clicking an item to insert it in chat the item links will deactivate and not work when sending the message in /b or /w chat.
-At random times the chat will all turn the same colour without...
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Keep getting "steam account doesnt allow you to make a payment" though ive made other game purchases using steam wallet so i have no idea why im not allowed now?
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I only play one account and was wondering what to change my Eca to. I do not like the new Eca as i played an int healer eca before the update and now want to change to one of the listed classes. I plan on playing as back-up healer/support with a healer weapon. I will play a dual element build int/what ever else. I would prefer being able to unbewitch enemies, though i know only Panda and Osa can do that so I am not "hung-up" on that idea.