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Member since 2008-08-22


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Sram Lvl Omega 173 Echo

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Literally been like that since 2017 and you thought it would be fixed. Haha get ankama'd.
By Private-Prinny - 2019-08-06 18:25:07 in Bug Reporting
2 144
 The damage bonus and HP penalty won't be applied if the spell is cast at 0 range.
I'd then follow by explaining why this follows simple logic but it's as logical as doing 3k dmg with 8 ap while still being full hp

Next relevant update they'll make all those 70+ base dmg spells "Casts per turn: 2 → 1" Rather than simply removing the insane free damage buff but then the class would be balanced and was when sac ever revamped correctly.
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The pet is abnormally way too small