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What do you guys think if you would add kolosium achviments so that the guys that really like to pvp have theyr own titles and achviment points it is all great with the 1 v1 kolosium and isk kolosium but i feel like is not rewarding enugh and somme achviemnts would make you feel better while playng there like 10  wins at 3v3 solo team 1v1 or 100 wins at that or 1000 it should be rewarded with somme cool ornaments or titles also i think it is not rewarding enugh indeed peables are making the world...
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Soo this is the main question why do you never work for pvp and it is alaways pvm updates and sometimes somme class changes yea now you may announced the new interserver kolosium but does that mean we can live only with kolosium? there are alot of ppl who quit this game because asicaly they doo not have what to doo when they logg in myself i basicaly logg just to talk with the old friends i made via this game and that is all there is no reward basicaly if you pvp kolosium is low rewarded same for...