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Thread for people in server ALGATHE
"Guys you'd like to be" - A guild that was founded on 09.10.2019 by Mapqhawk. Idea behind the name is simple, two friends sat and thought about possible names. some were boring, some were too generic. In the end friends went for the most awkward and most confident one. This is a guild in Dofus Retro, guild that combines players from different countries, different cultures, but with a common goal, to have fun, also in the same time be competitive! Guys you'd like...
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Im here for the same reason everyone else is, we all played the old dofus, also the new one, but this is a new hope. 
Since I want to have best expirience, can you guys suggest me the most international/english-speaking server.
Also which character is the best for mono char. keep it suggesting. 
Addition to that, express your thoughts on best class spell. For example I love ecas class spell, but cant remmember the rest. Also iops class spell, since I played him in this new server, but I...
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Hello, so I am old , like really old dofus player. I used to play the old dofus, when the ecas had the running ninja felinton and stuff like that, when things were more fun. I have always enjoyed this game,I've had hundreads of characters, but everytime I come back to the game I just dont have motivation to play cause there is not many people playing on servers I play..

So, maybe you guys, who are active now, can tell me fun things, and I would really like an advice where to play, cause I want to...