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Hukinatorlp Foggernaut Lvl 107 Rubilax
Snotreama Cra Lvl 107 Rubilax
Mara Hukan Eliotrope Lvl 107 Rubilax
Samuel Hukan Huppermage Lvl 81 Rubilax
Matt Hukan Ouginak Lvl 73 Rubilax

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Hey, I dont really see the reason for this, could someone explain that to me?

When you are an Eliotrope, if you attack an enemy through a portal, the direction of the attack is irrelavant. So if you stand left of them and fire something like wakmeha from behind through a portal, it counts as an attack from the left. I don't understand why it is done like this, because this really defeats some of the purpose the eliotrope has.
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Hello I log into the website and every time i go to the shop subpage I get logged out. I cant buy anything