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By rimmy-tin - 2019-09-26 12:31:34 in Technical Reports
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I know in the previous patch notes you've said that the spawn rates have been increased but it still doesn't seem like that. I spent 2hrs today in the maze trying to get them to spawn. 

I think this dungeon needs to be looked at for the mobile platform because 2hrs straight trying to find the relics is ridiculous. 
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Are there any plans in the framework to bring back the Abyss Joust Tournament in the near future? I know it was never previously mentioned as an annual tournament but it would be fun to have a Tournament window of some kind during this "slump period". This will keep players interested in the 'window' where we cannot access Kwismas, Vulk, and Horrib.

By rimmy-tin - 2019-05-23 09:56:22 in Suggestion Box
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As a trader of resources, items, and weapons. What I think would be a useful addition to the game is enabling push notifications when an item sells in the standard salerooms. This will consistently get me checking the game more than I usually do.

What would be nice is if you could add a 'minimum sale price' so any items below the minimum sale do not give you a push notification. E.g. I've got a minimum sale price of 300kk so my 30kk gob capes do not send me a push notification. However, when my...