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Iop Lvl 200 Dodge

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Are there any plans in the framework to bring back the Abyss Joust Tournament in the near future? I know it was never previously mentioned as an annual tournament but it would be fun to have a Tournament window of some kind during this "slump period". This will keep players interested in the 'window' where we cannot access Kwismas, Vulk, and Horrib.

By rimmy-tin - 2019-05-23 09:56:22 in Suggestion Box
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As a trader of resources, items, and weapons. What I think would be a useful addition to the game is enabling push notifications when an item sells in the standard salerooms. This will consistently get me checking the game more than I usually do.

What would be nice is if you could add a 'minimum sale price' so any items below the minimum sale do not give you a push notification. E.g. I've got a minimum sale price of 300kk so my 30kk gob capes do not send me a push notification. However, when my...
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The Ratchem pet is extremely not balanced in terms of its soul diet. 

1 Vitality
60 x Quetsnakiatl, 60 x Minoskito, 60 x Manderisha, 60 x Khamelerost, 40 x Minokid, 40 x Scaratos, 10 x Mumminotor, 10 x Deminoball, 4 x Minotoror, 1 x Minotot

To get it full you either need to kill:

24,000 of Quetsnakiatl or Minoskito or Manderisha or Khamelerost (the easiest monster to find but not really part of the dungeon) 
16,000 of Minokid or Scaratos (difficult to kill due to...