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what is going on lately? i logged in my main, everyone in my guild says logged in less than a day ago, but their character page says different. says the guild leader hasnt been on in 5 months? thought it reverted before that

why is server showing echo? i thought all got merged to rushu?

anything else i should know after being gone nearly 2 years? 
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im thinking of returning after about a year and a half break; what are the biggest things i should know or look into? i think i left early '17, a little after the sac revamp that was 10 years in the waiting and a total fail (switched to eca) omega levels are new to me.

also, why does it seem like nobody except the guild im in still has (rus) after it, even old guilds, why is this?

thanks all!

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think I'm on brakmar alignment quest 68. Salad Days Revisited. Trying to do the first hidden recipe for Funky Flour, says 20 hemp, 4 onions, 1 eni powder, and 2 eternal ashles. the recipe is in my quest items, so I know its right, but its not producing anything. what am I supposed to do? has anyone else had this issue? makes me wonder if any of the other hidden recipes I need to do will fail too. anyone know whats going on?