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Member since 2011-12-31


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Last login: 2019-06-25


Rhayam Iop Lvl 162 Nox
Vexevius Cra Lvl 152 Nox
Aquifer Sadida Lvl 151 Nox
Greedon Enutrof Lvl 150 Nox
Equipose Xelor Lvl 127 Nox
Arcane Ash Sram Lvl 96 Nox
Femputer Foggernaut Lvl 83 Remington
Cielo Azul Eliotrope Lvl 83 Remington
Manty Ouginak Lvl 83 Remington
Alpha Alpha Sadida Lvl 8 Remington
Apha Beta Sadida Lvl 6 Remington
Negamula Iop Lvl 6 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

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I was trying to obtain information of the profession bags, like the "Bum Sack", but when I used the search capability of the Encyclopedia under Accessories, none of the keywords I used returned a hit. Actually, nothing relate to bag/sack did.

So to double check, I when into the Jobs parts of the Encyclopedia, and click on the "Vamprada" bag (level 85) and when I click on it, it took me to the error page 404.

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Didn't some time ago, the rare spawn for ALL fish were set at 10%?

I was trying to get the rare anchovy, but gave up after taking so long compared to other fish to get a rare spawn.
Since now the Anchovies that before could be fish in 4 nations and Astrub, has been confined to just Astrub,  I run into other people looking for it, and two of them that have been way more persistent than me, said that they do spawn, but the rate is comparable to the other professions 1% rare spawn.

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  I have heard from people at Remington and Nox, that if you try to connect, you get the so named "Eternal Spinning Wheel".  So I tried to connect, and after 10 minutes of the spinning wheel, I gave up. 

  Then I went to the forum to check "Server Status" that says that has 12 message, but when I click on it, it says:

  "0 items matching your criteria "

  Any idea what is going on?