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Melanna Osamodas Lvl 122 Nox
Melkita Cra Lvl 111 Nox
Melkiyta Cra Lvl 83 Remington
Melyana Sram Lvl 79 Nox
Framie Iop Lvl 70 Remington
Reyanie Osamodas Lvl 67 Phaeris
Melphin Ecaflip Lvl 55 Nox
Melvayl Masqueraider Lvl 20 Nox
Xioffei' Xelor Lvl 16 Remington
Melyaana Sram Lvl 13 Remington

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By reynie - 2016-07-17 16:35:00 in Trade
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Master leather dealer's Seal. WTS for only 5m kamas
Leave your ign in comment box if interested or pm SHAS

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[align=center]Phil Troublemakers is a Bontarian Guild made to unite Filipinos all over the world. We aim not only to play the game but to know more about each other and have fun. This guild was made by Pinoys who have guts to build a home in an international server and believed that this guild would grow strong with the help of fellow Pinoys who will be willing to cooperate and overcome the obstacles the guild may face.

Because of our perseverance, PHIL TROUBLEMAKERS finally reached LEVEL...