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By redpip - 2010-08-01 14:10:34 in Spitting Bwork Tavern
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THe Gods are powerful and hold the best weaponry in the world, but have lost their immorality and their divinity because not many people worshipped them anymore. The reason of this that the new economic adviser for the king has suggested that a 90% tax be put along the land. people had to work far harder to reach the same amount of food and money. The gods must quickly regain their powers for Rushu could defeat mortal gods. The gods each chose a single discipline to be their protector, for if any...
By redpip - 2009-09-13 02:04:05 in Spitting Bwork Tavern
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O.K a day at Dofus acadmy finished and now a spud obsessed princible is teaching how to peel stups please post.